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About Bank Mitra (CSP)

CSP, which is the acronym for Customer Service Point, is referred to as a Bank Mitra, as well. Bank Mitra CSP is aperception, which is designed under Public Private Partnership or shortly called PPP.Here, Bank Mitra works as an agent or a representative of Bank appointed to offera variety of banking service to Indian citizens.

CSP Bank Mitra BC is the most trusted and renowned business correspondent as well as a technology service provider to many Indian banks. We are committed to offering a variety of banking services to all categories of people in India. We are the people who function as amediator of the bank at places where it is not probable to open the branch office of the bank.

There are several beneficial reasons for opening a Bank CSP account through us. Besides getting a range of professional and devoted banking services, your every money need will be sincerely taken care of. Moreover, you will also be capable of leading a hassle-free life by investing your money in a range of lucrative schemes.

As we have vast experience and expertise in the industry, we will steer you to the right path to make your investment more profitable than ever. In addition, our All Bank CSP familiarity, as well as knowledge, helps us to offer better services to low-income families. As people of these life categories are mostly daily wage labors and workers, they may not have valid and firm documents to open a bank account.

Thus, CSP Bank Mitra BC aids these people considerably in opening a bank account in any of the r4enowned Indian banks that have no branches in the areas where these people live. We are also dedicated to offering a range of banking services to these people as well as acting as a sincere and reliable agent to the banks. Some of the timely banking services offered by us includeaccount opening, cash credit, cash withdrawal, and much more.

CSP Bank Mitra BC, which is powered by vast years of service greatness in the digital business of micropayments of remittances and services in a real-time situation, is the major payments solutions provider in India. Our business includes service combination and delivery, using mobile, web, and POS for online money transfer and payment processing services. We mainly focus on functioning as an agent or representativeof any bank, which is devoted to offering the premium banking services to the low-income group of people of India.

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