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CSP Bank Mitra BC leverages technology to provide a convincing solution, at the same time as adding value to all its stakeholders, such as retailers, consumers, distributors, vendors, and service providers. We are committed to providing our consumers with the great convenience of accessing an extensive array of banking services through our retailers or customer service points.

Therefore, the PNB CSP apply will make you feel like a proud retailer of our well-established firm. You will be at the liberty to offer your banking services either at a nominal charge or at a free of cost. As a service provider, you will be capable of offering better service to your existing sub-base of consumers and reaching millions of potential customers through thousands of outlets of CSP Bank Mitra BC across the country.

As a retailer of CSP Bank Mitra BC, you can earn substantial revenue by enabling these transactions and better linking the consumers with your services. Thus, you can meet the banking needs of many people living in the villages and rural areas of the country by offering your services on behalf of the Punjab National Bank.

The PNB CSP apply will allow you to become a retailer of CSP Bank Mitra BC, which, in turn, will offer you a great opportunity to earn a considerable monthly income. This is for the reason that once you are selected as our retailer, you will be authorized to provide the entire banking services of the Punjab National Bank in Indian rural areas and villages.

As a retailer of CSP Bank Mitra BC, you are allowed to offer your services of the Punjab National Bank at your retail outlet in different ways according to your preference. You can use your mobile phone or the Web to offer your services to your rural clients. Some of the banking services you can offer in support of the bank include:

Banking services

CSP Bank Mitra BC is a Business Correspondent as well as a Technology Service Provider to many banks in India, including the Punjab National Bank. As it has an affiliation with the Punjab National Bank, you will be authorized to offer its banking services to earn a civilized income every month.

CSP Kiosk

Kiosk Banking is a handy banking service, which is offered for the weaker section or a low-income group. PNB SBI Kiosk Banking facilitates you to transfer, withdraw, or deposit the money through CSC that is built in a nearby place for the people without the hassle and waiting in a long queue because there are fewer banks located in rural areas. With kiosk banking, you will be capable of offering both government services, as well as private services, at the doorstep of the people all across India.


Money Transfer

CSP Bank Mitra BC offers its money transfer service at all its retail outlets, ranging from Tier IV Towns to Tier I cities to Tier III cities, as well as in many Indian villages. Thus as a Bank Mitra of PNB, you can help your clientele to transfer their money anywhere anytime.


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